Why do your banners design decisions matter? For starters, they display persuasive messages on the inside or outside of your business. Secondly, they may spur on product knowledge, brand awareness, and name recognition among consumers. These shoppers may then go on to remember your company and mention it to friends and family members.

As noted by the Chronicle’s Small Business section, word-of-mouth advertising has the power to influence about 93 percent of shoppers. Compared to the paltry 0.2 percent of consumers who report being influenced by a billboard, there is little doubt that spending time on the careful design of your banner is vital to your corporate success. For this reason, our design specialists have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

Q: What is the best type of banner setup?

Banners DesignA: There are two kinds of configurations that work well.

  1. Informational. Some consumers, who also fall into the group of learners who do exceptionally well with text, prefer banners that feature plenty of lettering. The words should feature a color contrasts to the background that would meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards. We suggest a matte appearance to prevent glare from light sources.
  2. Image driven. Shoppers with a visual learning preference, on the other hand, like banners with action pictures. Display a vignette that features a particular activity involving the product or service. Add few words. Heighten the visual appeal with a glossy surface.

Q: What type of banner design gets the most attention?

Banners DesignA: Size matters, but so does contrast. When working with clients, we always recommend going as large as possible for the projected display location. From there, we advise opting for contrast. For example, you display a banner across the back wall of your storefront, and this wall is white, do not put a text-rich banner there that you had printed on a white vinyl backdrop. Instead, choose an image-driven banner with lots of colors. On the outside, display a banner color that contrasts with the color of the façade or landscape, depending on the location of your proposed installation point.

Q: Is it possible to maximize the effectiveness of a banner I display in or near my storefront’s window?

Banners DesignA: A double-sided design is always a way to optimize the reach of any sign. Banners, in particular, work well as double-sided advertising products. Display your marketing and branding message on each side of the item. Of course, a window display location can present a quandary; after all, a message that you design to reel in foot traffic does not necessarily apply to the consumer who is at the point of purchase in the decision-making process. For this reason, we would recommend featuring a different message – such as a point of sale communication – on the side that faces the buyer already on the inside.

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Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team