You have light poles on your business property. Are they pulling their weight with marketing and branding your business or products? If they do not, now is the time to take a closer look at parkway banners.

Display Options for Any Setting

Parkway BannersThe standard parkway banner supports vinyl graphics. (Our technicians routinely use 18-ounce vinyl.) This sign is the type of product you would put in place for long-term displays on your light posts or any other kind of pole setup. Unlike flags, which hang limp when there is no breeze, these products feature internal rods that maintain the full-sized presentation of the item. They attach with grommets that feature reinforcements to withstand winds of up to 38 miles per hour.

The standard banner measures 60 inches in height and 32 inches in width. If you prefer, you could opt for a smaller setup that only reaches 36 inches in height. (Few business clients choose to go smaller.) We always recommend the double-sided configuration. When you feature your advertising message on both sides of the banners, you address consumers approaching your business from either direction. One-sided parkway banners only direct displays at shoppers coming from one side. Why limit the reach of your message?

Who Advertises with Parkway Banner Displays?Parkway Banners

  • Car dealerships. You are probably familiar with the banners that car dealers display from poles. They typically provide co-branding presentations that show the seller’s logo as well as that of the vehicle maker that they represent.
  • Trade show exhibitors. In a trade show setting, light or ceiling support posts do not have to be visual liabilities. Turn them into surefire assets simply by adding perfectly sized banners. If possible, consider the dual product approach.
  • Retailers. Colorful banners along the light posts catch the attention of shoppers. Feature your name, logo, and a marketing message. If you are introducing the latest spring fashions, add an announcement that they have come in. Doing so might send shoppers flocking to your windows.
  • Municipalities. Beautifying streets is as easy as adding banners to the light poles, which line them. During the winter holiday season, most cities will put up colorful displays and seasonal messages. At other times, too, municipalities will use their poles to draw attention to special events and occasions that might be of interest to residents and tourists. Cases in point are St. Patrick’s Day for areas with a significant hospitality industry presence and “Read Across America” banners for libraries.

How to Buy Parkway Banners

Parkway BannersContact the business signage experts at the Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio. We serve the business communities in and around Smyrna, Atlanta, Cumberland, Marietta, and Mableton, GA. Our graphic artist works with you to put together the ideal design that represents your company’s brand message alongside any advertisement you wish to feature. We assist you with the selection of the right size and display option. Moreover, we gladly help you pair the parkway banner presentation with other signage that would be ideally suited to support the impact.

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Parkway Banners

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team