Presenting your company at a trade show for the first time can be a somewhat nerve-wracking experience. The same goes for the launch of a new product line or service at an expo. Is it possible to hedge your bets by making wise choices with your booth and related displays? Yes, in fact, it is.

7 trade show tips for Atlanta exposHere is a list of 7 trade show tips for Atlanta expos that might just help you succeed.

  1. Booth size. Bigger is not always better, but sometimes it does make sense to go big. In fact, this ties in directly with our second point. But there is one caveat: if you go big, you cannot go back. Show up with an island exhibit this year, and folks will be impressed. Present your company with a standard 10-foot-by-10-foot booth next year, and attendees will surmise that your business is on its way out.
  2. Location, location, location. It is an open secret that event venues apportion their most advantageous display positions to the companies that come with big booths. Typically, these coveted spots are right near the entrances to the event hall. Those advertising with a small booth will find themselves alongside other companies in the back, where space is tight.7 trade show tips for Atlanta expos
  3. Message focus. If you forget everything else, remember this: your booth presentation needs a focal message. What is the one takeaway you want attendees to leave with? Sure, you brand your company while you advertise your new product. But do not go overboard with displays that also market last year’s products, show planned expansions, and make mention of an anticipated re-branding in the coming year.
  4. Use light to your advantage. Illumination is a powerful attention getter. While the expo hall will have bright overhead lighting, consider the use of colorful accent lights, ambiance-creating light accessories, and similar products. For example, the use of colorful, backlit displays is ideal.
  5. Present a welcoming display. Smiling staff members, audio-visual presentations for folks who prefer this approach to printed brochures, and plenty of literature for the other type are necessary. Have something to touch, whether it is a sample of your products or the material you use in their manufacture. We recommend placing any tables, with customized throws, toward the back of the booth rather than the front; there, they act as barriers and are not very welcoming.7 trade show tips for Atlanta expos
  6. Give them something to take home. Order pens, travel mugs, thumb drives, and similar gadgets with your printed company name and logo. Hand them out to expo visitors who stop by your booth. Advertise your giveaway items with retractable banner stands.
  7. Incorporate social media. Texting your family members, who are at home with you, is no longer considered odd. In the same way, it is perfectly reasonable for attendees at a trade show to check out the website or social media presence of a company while visiting its booth. Have iPad stands ready to go for folks to connect with you right then and there.

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7 trade show tips for Atlanta expos

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team