The backlit LED light box display is a familiar feature for business owners who are thinking about their building signage. You frequently see them mounted to facades above entryways. But did you know that savvy marketing professionals now also invest in interior LED light box signs?

Interior LED Cabinet vs. Exterior Electrical Box

Both signs feature an aluminum body and a polycarbonate facing or two. Built-in LEDs provide the illumination that shines from the interior of the cabinet. However, where building signs are bigger and thicker, interior cabinets are sleeker, thinner, and far more reminiscent of flat TV screens.

Choose a Size and Commission LED Light Box Panels

LED light box displaySizes for the boxes vary. Larger products may measure 36 inches by 48 inches or 48 inches by 96 inches. Smaller products run the gamut from 12-inch-by-16-inch lightweight pieces to those measuring 30 inches by 40 inches. Frames may be silver or black for easy integration with your interior décor. We imprint the panel accompanying the box with high-resolution inkjet technology. A luster laminate ensures the continuous quality of the colors.

Marketing with Interior Light Box Displays

LED light box displayRetailers in mall settings have become acutely aware of the power this signage solution brings to the table. Of course, there is no reason why you should not be able to make more sales, too, when relying on this advertising program in a myriad of display forms.

  1. Point of purchase sign. The point of purchase (POP) sign is the ideal display for a product pairing notice. Educate the shopper on the benefits of a product and then suggest the perfect item to complement the merchandise.
  2. Double-sided shelf display. For the end cap setup, draw the attention of shoppers to the products you are seeking to sell quickly. Conversely, present brand and logo images of manufacturers that are currently in hot demand.
  3. Tabletop presentation. When you display some of your merchandise on a tabletop – examples might include jewelry, makeup, and upscale consumer goods – rely on a stand-up frame to act as the centerpiece of the display. Its diminutive size is ideal for generating the attention of passersby because it combines informative lettering with bright illumination, which is different from the majority of other tabletop signs currently in use within a retail setting.
  4. Menu board. Restaurant owners know that the presentation of menu items and costs associated with them is more than just a way to offer information. The backlit display brands with corporate colors, features the logo and company name, and provides an excellent vehicle for showing off photographic images of amazing dishes. You can apply this concept to other types of operations, too.
  5. Trade show panel. Selling on the trade show floor is a common practice. Integrating backlit light box panels with your standard booth features is a good option for the exhibitor who wants to draw attention to a display or color combination. In addition to catching the eye of attendees, it creates a superior canvas for your advertising message.

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LED light box display

Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team