If there is one setup that you should never try to save a buck on buying, it is a set of trade show displays in Atlanta, GA. The pros at the Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio routinely work with corporate clients who are looking to make names for themselves in the local business community and beyond. Trade shows are excellent means of accomplishing this feat. So, why is it important to go all out for your next expo presentation?

Top 4 Things Nobody Tells You about Trade Shows

Trade Show Displays in Atlanta GA

  1. Size matters. Do not show up with a small setup at a venue where your closest competitor has snagged an island exhibit space. It makes more sense to be the company with the island display among a group of small-footprint booths than the other way round. Large setups, or those that use modular presentations to their fullest advantages, always make a splash at these events.
  2. Graphics leave lasting impressions. Never underestimate the impact your graphics have on the consumer. Vibrant colors, crisp lines, clever use of images, and multiple size displays affect the way attendees think about your business. While you may already have some graphics on hand, work with our visual artists to see if they can boost their effectiveness with additional pieces.
  3. Photos capture all. Industry insiders, members of the local business community, bloggers, vloggers, and organizers are just some of the folks who take pictures at the event. The press, too, will be photographing and filming. Always assume you are on camera. Also, have a booth setup that is camera-ready from every angle. We recommend the selection of matte surface graphics and posters, which show up better in photographs than glossy surfaces.
  4. The Internet is your friend. Heighten interest in your trade show attendance by dedicating a web page of your site to the event. Showcase the compilation of your display. Blog about it. Invite customers to come and see you. Mention your giveaways. At the show itself, have iPad stations that allow attendees to visit your website right there to interact with your brand online. It sounds odd, but for many visitors, this is the time to get the newsletter signup commitment.

How to Buy the Right Trade Show Displays in Atlanta, GA

Trade Show Displays and Graphics Atlanta GA

The graphic artists at our shop are seasoned professionals with an eye on the thought leaders in the local business community. We know the types of displays that will present well at the next expo. We also know the kinds of setups to avoid. Moreover, we can help any business – from start-up to multi-national corporation – make a grand impression on the local business community, the consumer, and the press.

Trade Show Graphics in Atlanta GA

We start by designing your trade show booth from the ground up. Incorporating artwork that you already have on hand, we can also put together the visuals from scratch. Whether you favor an audio-visual approach or want to let the graphics do the talking for you, we can help with the setup. When you are unsure about the signage solutions that capture the eyes of visitors, we can help with the choice of the right banner stands, modular frames, podiums, customized throws and imprinted fabric graphics, as well as any other product you may need.

If you call us now, we can schedule your design consultation right away.

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Written by: Alpine Sign & Graphics Studio Team